PETA Protestors Picket Petco

Group Calls On Company To Stop Selling Animals

Animal rights activists held a protest Wednesday asking pet owners to boycott San Diego-based Petco.

What do you think of the way PETA members stage protests?It's their right and I agree with their cause.It's their right to protest, though I don't agree with their cause.I'd be more supportive of their cause if they didn't act the way they do.They should be arrested every time they interrupt a program.They are worse than the people against whom they protest.

Volunteers from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals gathered outside Petco's annual shareholder's meeting in Del Mar.

Members say they have received hundreds of complaints about Petco claiming employees mistreat, starve, and even kill some of the animals intended for sale. Petco denies the charges.

Don Cowan, Petco's director of communications, said, "What we've told PETA and anyone else is anytime they have a concern with our animal care, they can contact us immediately, and we'll investigate and appropriate actions are taken."

Christy Griffin from PETA disagrees.

She said, "They have ceased writing us since the year 2000. We haven't heard back from them in quite a long time which is why we've begun this boycott campaign against them."

PETA members say they want pet owners to stop buying Petco products until the company stops selling live animals.

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