Permit for OTL questioned

Lawsuit filed challenging alcohol provision

SAN DIEGO - Over-the-line has been described as a cross between an athletic event and Mardi Gras. Since its inception, it has not only sold beer at the event, but it has allowed people to bring beer to the event, and that is what is being challenged.

"As we talk today, our special use permit is up in the air and we're a little nervous about it," said John Tefft, a spokesman for OMBAC, the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club, which has sponsored the event for decades.

A lawsuit by Free PB, a group that opposed the city of San Diego's alcohol ban at the beach from the start, claims OMBAC is being given special consideration.

"There is a process people can go through for special events and over-the-line is a prime example of an event that follows that process and the rules," said City Councilman Kevin Faulconer, who spearheaded the alcohol ban at the beach after an alcohol-fueled Labor Day riot.

Free PB was denied a permit for an event it wanted to host allowing alcohol at Crown Point.

What could come out of the lawsuit is allowing OMBAC to sell alcohol but not allow people to bring it in.

"That would make a lot of people unhappy and virtually unenforceable," Tefft said.

No decision on that has been made as yet.

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