People donate blood to help children at Rady Children's Hospital

8,500 blood components donated every year

SAN DIEGO - People came out to Kearny Mesa on Sunday to take part in a blood drive held at Rady Children's Hospital.

Although there is not a shortage for blood, officials for the San Diego Blood Bank say there is always a need, especially for patients at Rady Children’s Hospital.

Each year, they donate about 8,500 blood components for children who are battling life-threatening diseases, where blood transfusions are essential to their health.

Javier Archuleta is a regular donor.

"I'm a universal donor, so there's a use for it and if i help someone, that's fantastic," he said.

Archuleta says knowing his blood could save a child’s life makes it that much more of a priority, having two young children himself.

"In case my children were to need something ... knowing that the services are there for them," he said.

If you are interested in donating, click here.

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