Skateboarder collides with car in National City

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. - A skateboarder suffered major injuries after colliding with a car in National City on Wednesday evening.

The incident occurred at about 8:15 p.m. near East 18th Street and Highland Avenue.

Police say the victim, 20-year-old Manuel Augustino, was skateboarding down 18th Street and went through a red light when he slammed into a black Dodge Charger.

"When I slowed down, I jumped off my board but he was continuing going," said Augustino's skateboarding buddy, adding that Augustino jumped the curb on his skateboard as he was entering the intersection and then bailed, avoiding one car but not another.

The friend told police, "He got scared, I guess, he wasn't going to make it ... He tailed out this way to try and jump back on the street, sidewalk and that's when the Dodge came in. He didn't see the Dodge right behind it."

Augustino rolled up onto the hood of the Charger, smashed the windshield and then rolled back off the hood.

According to police, when paramedics arrived on scene, Augustino was unconscious and had sustained significant injuries, including a compound fracture to his leg and possibly some closed head trauma. Police say he did not regain consciousness while at the scene. He was rushed to UCSD Hospital to be treated. His condition is unknown.

According to police, the driver of the Charger was going approximately 30 mph. Police say it appears Augustino was at fault.

The driver of the car was only taken in for questioning. Police say he will not be arrested and that no drugs or alcohol are believed to have been involved in the crash.

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