Women in car that was shot at on Interstate 5 in Oceanside speak to 10News

SAN DIEGO - Two women spoke with 10News on Sunday about the terrifying moment when someone randomly opened fire on the car they were riding in.

The shooting occurred early Saturday on I-5, just south of Mission Avenue. The California Highway Patrol confirmed to 10News that the shooter fired from a shotgun.

Photos obtained by 10News show where the birdshot from the shotgun blast penetrated the car, just inches from where the passenger was sitting.

The driver described the blast as a loud explosion. She asked not to be identified, but shared her harrowing story with 10News.

"We didn't really know what had happened -- we both kinda felt like we got shot at -- but we didn't really think that would have happened," said the driver.

Her passenger also did not want to be identified but spoke with 10News about the scary moments and how they unfolded.

"All of a sudden, we hear a loud sound and all the glass just shattered all in the car and sprayed all over us and I'm screaming," the passenger said.

The two friends were returning to Orange County after seeing another friend's band play and heading northbound on I-5 in the slow lane just south of Mission Avenue in their red Mazda.

Then, the passenger said someone appeared to have stepped out of the bushes along the freeway and opened fire, striking the passenger side window and frame of the car.

She told 10News she did not know what it was that hit them.

'We didn't think it was a gunshot," she said. "Our first instinct was that it was a brick or a rock or something."

She added, "(The driver) immediately pulled over and it's scary to think about now that she pulled over because the shooter could have been right there. They could have ran up to our car and shot us again."

The women then drove to a Mobil station in Oceanside to get help. A man who did not want to be identified spoke with 10News' media partner San Diego 6 about seeing the women pull into the station.

"Missed the girl's head by about 2 inches," he said. "She is so lucky it was real close because it just bounced off the door frame."

The passenger tells 10News she is very lucky. She said her face and forehead are cut up but otherwise, she is fine. The driver was hit on her wrist by a piece of lead, which had to be surgically removed.

No description of the shooter was immediately available and no arrests have been made in the case.

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