Passenger details 'Harlem Shake' flight, says pilot was angered by incident

Frontier Airlines: Safety measures were followed

SAN DIEGO - The Frontier Airlines pilot who flew the infamous "Harlem Shake" flight from Colorado to San Diego was not very happy with the incident, a passenger told 10News.

Colorado Springs resident Steve Miller contacted 10News and said he was upset at what was happening as he sat in seat 12D.

"Since 9/11, you don't do things like that anymore," Miller said.

Miller, who is himself a pilot, said he had to comfort the woman sitting next to him as she began to cry uncontrollably.

"She thought we were going to crash," he recounted to 10News.

Nearly five million people have viewed the Frontier Airlines flight video on YouTube as Flight 157 was headed to San Diego from Colorado Springs.

"My flight experience is enough to know that you don't get up out of your seat (when the seatbelt sign is on), and they did just that," Miller added.

Miller said he watched as one of the men put his foot on the exit hatch.

"He's the one that comes out at the very end. He was bracing himself on the exit hatch," Miller told 10News.

Miller also told 10News what he said to the pilot as soon as the plane landed at Lindbergh Field.

"I walked by him and I said, 'What was all that about? And what's going on with the flight deck door? How come they were allowed to be up there?' And he just shook his head. I could tell he was having a kind of intense conversation with the flight attendant," Miller said.

10News asked, "Did he know about it?"

Miller said, "If he did know about it, he didn't realize that many people were going to be involved."

Frontier Airlines maintains that "all safety measures were followed and the seat belt sign was off."

However, Miller said that's simply not true.

Miller said he has had no other problems with Frontier Airlines in his nearly 50 years of flying with them. He said he will continue to fly on the airline but it will remain a trip to San Diego he won't soon forget.

10News contacted the FAA Thursday to find out the status of their investigation, and officials said they're still gathering information about the flight.


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