'Parking vigilante' hits North Park, leaving threatening notes on cars parked legally

SAN DIEGO - Nasty messages written on Post-it notes and left on cars prompted one San Diegan to call 10News about the "parking vigilante" in North Park.

"I walked up saw the note, shook my head … unbelievable," said Daniel, who received one of the notes. He did not want his last name used.

He told 10News about the major confusion he had after finding a nasty Post-it stuck to the driver's window of his car while it was parked in North Park.

"'If you don't rent from Thomas Reality you will be towed. I won't tell you again,'" he said, reading the note.  

It turns out, he was not the only one who received a note and his was on the nicer side.

Signs were posted on buildings near the intersection of Utah Street and University in North Park, warning residents that there is a new parking sheriff in town, threatening to tow or vandalize your vehicle – even slash your tires – if you ever park in the spot again. The signs caution that threats are placed on cars parked legally.

No one seems to know who is behind it. Neighbors are asking people to be on the lookout for whoever is leaving the notes and call police if they see them.

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