Parishioners create odd video asking community to help save their church

Church faces foreclosure if it doesn't find $42K

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Parishioners of a local church facing foreclosure have created an odd YouTube video to help raise money.

Pastor Harvey Jones' Church of the Loving God in southeastern San Diego needs to raise $42,000 by May 15 or the bank will foreclose on the church.

"The problem is that we got behind and the catch-up is pretty hard," said Jones.

His parishioners do not have that kind of money. Closing the church would mean a monthly food distribution to the needy would also go away.

"If we close down, then they will also have to find a way to help themselves," said parishioner Vinneeca Williams.

That is why Williams and several others made a video and posted it to YouTube, asking the community for help. 

The main character in the video is a woman asking the bank for compassion. The employees of the bank instead turn into demons and chase her away. There is even a dance number set to Michael Jackson's "Thriller."  The bank in the video turns out to be the "Bank of Satan."

Watch the video below (mobile users:

The actual bank is the Community Commerce Bank. Jones and Williams admit the bank is not doing anything wrong.

"We're doing God's business," said Williams.  "We would think they would have a little more compassion."

The president of Community Commerce Bank said he could not comment on the church's problems.

"We're praying for help and I know God will send that," said a hopeful Jones. "I really do."

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