Parents worried after daughter bullied at Eugene Field Elementary

Nothing has changed after contacting school

SAN DIEGO - The parents of a local 5th grade student are upset after the school she attends has done nothing to protect their daughter from bullies.

The family came to 10News after a year of communication between them and the school -- Eugene Field Elementary -- and nothing has changed.

The family, which spoke to 10News on the condition of protecting their identity, said their daughter has been bullied for the past three years and the school says that their hands are tied.

“It’s always the same people and it has never stopped,” the girl said.

The girl says other girls make fun of her weight and recently started getting physical.

“She had a broken leg and she had the cast taken off. A couple of days later, at lunch, one of the girls walked by and kicked her in the leg. She told the lunch lady but the girl said ‘Oh No, I didn’t kick her. I meant to kick my jacket,’” the mother said.

According to the parents, no matter how many times the bullies are disciplined, they keep coming back to their daughter.

“I just can’t take it anymore,” the girl said.

The parents told 10News that the bullies have pushed their daughter to the edge, causing their daughter to act frighteningly out of character.

“Monday, she came home saying she wanted to kill herself because of this. And also, she wanted to hurt these girls who were saying these things to her,” the father told 10News.

10News contacted school officials and they did not immediately return our after-hours calls to their offices. Traditionally, the district’s disciplinary actions are not made public.

This family says one thing is for sure, the bullies may get into trouble, but they are not going anywhere.

“The words were… that person has a right to a public education and we just can’t pull them out of school,” the father said.   

The family plans on sending their daughter to a different school next year but are worried that if the school doesn’t get more involved, another child will replace theirs as the one being bullied.

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