Rancho Bernardo High School basketball coach accused of bullying, NAACP to investigate

SAN DIEGO - Several parents are accusing Rancho Bernardo High School's basketball coach of racism and bullying.

In a letter sent to the district and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a basketball player described specific incidents of Coach Jim Choe screaming and cursing at players.

Two parents told 10News they've witnessed the incidents.

Vince Maldonado said his son did not return as a starting point guard this school year after he reported Choe repeatedly harassed his son.

"He's felt very belittled," Maldonado said. "There's been a lot of instances where he's been talked down to."

Brandon Nixon, whose son played on the team for two years, said he witnessed the coach humiliate the teens on a regular basis.

"I would characterize the basketball program at Rancho Bernardo High School as a culture of intimidation,"  Nixon said.

Both parents said school officials ignored their complaints and are now taking matters into their own hands. A spokesperson for the Poway Unified School District said an investigation into the claims was completed and specifics could not be given.

A spokesperson for the NAACP said the organization plans to follow up with the PUSD.

"Every child has a right to get an education in an environment that's not hostile and is free of racism and discrimination," the spokesperson said. " We are eager to follow up with the Poway Unified School District about the allegations against Coach Jim Choe."

Choe declined to comment on the allegations.

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