Parents of Oak Valley Middle School students concerned they weren't told of threats

Poway Unified says students were never in jeopardy

SAN DIEGO - Parents of children who go to Oak Valley Middle School, which is part of the Poway Unified School District, want to know why they weren't told about threats against four of the school's teachers.

"The more information the better and we can prevent bad things that happen in other schools," said Patricia Clifford as she waited outside the school to pick up her child.

Kay Kultan agreed.  

"I think any threat that's made to the school, any person that works at the school, the parents and the students of that school should be aware of it," she said. "It's as simple as that."

Until the parents were approached by 10News, they had no idea that a former student had told a medical professional he had been thinking for years about killing four of his former teachers.

According to a Sheriff's Department document obtained by 10News, the individual was told, "Since the Boston Marathon bombing (name deleted) has been thinking more seriously about killing … and wondering how the bombers did their bombings."

The report also states the medical worker was told that the subject "would like to torture (the teachers) to death and bury them. He also considered stabbing them to death."

"I wouldn't back off and say, well, OK, he's just talking," said Dr. Michael Mantell, a psychologist not connected to the case. 

Mantell said there is cause for concern.

"Because every single day we have reports, whether its television or the media somewhere, newspapers, of these things blowing up and then professionals sitting back saying, well, I tried to warn people," he said.

Poway Unified issued this statement to 10News:

"On Friday, April 26, 2013, when the district was notified by law enforcement that a former Oak Valley Middle School student had made threats against four employees, the employees and their supervisors were notified. The district continued to work with law enforcement as they investigated this student’s situation and as they assessed the credibility and viability of the threats.

Law enforcement reported that the individual had no plans to harm anyone and had no means to do so.

In order to provide the named employees with greater peace of mind, additional campus supervision has been provided including law enforcement presence for four days following the threats. School staff was advised of the situation, and told that students’ safety and security were not threatened and so as not to alarm them unnecessarily it should be treated as confidential.

At no time were students threatened or in jeopardy of harm by this individual."

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