Parent claims teacher gave student prescription drugs, told them to run away

San Diego Unified School District rejected claim

SAN DIEGO - A local parent claims a teacher gave their child prescription drugs and told them to run away.

Team 10 learned the parent filed a claim against the San Diego Unified School District, In the claim, the parent said their child has suffered emotionally and academically because of the teacher's actions.

Team 10 is not naming the teacher because she hasn't been charged.

The complaint states the teacher gave students medicine on the side when they needed it, even though it was against school policy to give a child medication without going through the proper channels.

The parent claims the teacher kept the drug Ritalin -- which treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) -- in her desk just in case the student needed it.

In the complaint, the parent claims their student ran away in September 2013. The complaint states that "the [teacher] told me that they knew where the [student] would be staying and told me to back off and let them cool down."

The parent later found out that the student had been sleeping outside on the side of a building for two nights.

The parent said they worried about their child becoming close to another classmate. The teacher said on more than three occasions that the classmate was a great kid and she encouraged the two to spend time together.

The parent said that classmate had a criminal record in two states and provided their child with drugs and an iPod filled with hundreds of pictures of young adults having sex with dead animals.

The claim alleged the teacher knew of the classmate's criminal history.

The parent also said their child was "cutting" themselves in school and the teacher did nothing to help.

The claim was rejected by the school district, and San Diego Unified School District officials gave Team 10 this statement:

"The district takes concerns and complaints very seriously. A formal complaint was filed with the district on April 3, 2014. The complaint was reviewed and denied by Risk Management on June 4, 2014. The district cannot comment any further on the complaint due to possible pending litigation."
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