Paraplegic man, his service dog face eviction over documents

Robin Smith has lived in apartment for 5 years

SAN DIEGO - A paraplegic man is facing eviction from his downtown apartment and home of five years over some documents.

Robin Smith and his service dog Chauncey love living at Studio 15 in downtown San Diego.

"It's extremely important. I could be in a rest home but I'm not," said Smith.

Smith works just a few blocks away at Petco Park, a dream job for the baseball lover.

"The fulfillment is still miraculous," said Smith.

The apartment means he can live independent. He suffered a spinal cord injury after valley fever infection and became a paraplegic in 1999.

"My sitting here is a miracle and the way that everything has come together to make this life possible is just a continuation of that miracle," said Smith.

There are certain income restrictions to live in the building and Smith has had to provide certain documents many times over the years to prove how much he makes.

He said the building's management company, Solari, then asked for his 401K information.

"I wasn't sure about providing that financial information to anyone who asked so I looked into it," said Smith.

He reached out to attorney Donald Mayes, who said the company was entitled to the information.

Mayes told Team 10 he tried to hand over the documents.

"The answer I got was that it's too late," said Mayes.

Smith was served with an eviction notice.

"This eviction is about documentation. It's not about not paying rent, not about disturbing my neighbors, not about abusing the apartment," said Smith.

Mayes took the case pro bono.

"I reached out to everyone I could think of … federal authorities, state, county, city and I didn't get any responses. Eventually I get 10 News, and I guess that was the pressure I needed because we've got a meeting next week," he said.

Solari representatives have agreed to meet with Mayes and Smith to come to some sort of resolution.

Team 10 reached out to the company but our calls were never returned.

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