Pair of Peregrine falcons focusing on East County courthouse

EL CAJON, Calif. - A pair of Peregrine falcons has taken a liking to the courthouse in El Cajon.  

"They usually like to nest on cliff faces away from predators on the ground like coyotes, but these days, a high-rise building will also do," said Charles Gailband, who is with Raptor Institute, a conservation-themed organization for birds of prey.  

Gailband believes the birds are not nesting yet but scouting for a good location. He says there is a lot to like about the courthouse.

"This is the tallest building in the valley and out on Main Street, they have plenty in the way of food, pigeons," he said.

Feathers and bones litter the area below the side of the building the birds like to occupy.

The numbers of Peregrine falcons were perilously low until the pesticide DDT was banned. The birds were taken off the endangered list in 1999. They have a wingspan of more than 3 feet and have been a favorite of falconers for centuries.

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