Painting on boulder in Vista asks: Mommy can I go kill tonight?

Shocking graffiti is labeled both wrong & hazard

Vista, Calif. - People gawk when they see the painted boulder alongside highway 78 in Vista; it is a little girl and the question: Mommy, can I go kill tonight?

Jerry Caloroso pulled off onto the shoulder and took pictures. 

“With North Korea going on; Man!  I have a two year old daughter, another one on the way.   This is amazing!” Caloroso said.

The words are close to the title of a punk rock song from 1982, a group called the Misfits doing horror punk. The song was ‘Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?’

Caloroso calls the painting a dynamic concept. 

“It’s a conversation no one wants to have of what a nuclear disaster could look like. I think this is what every soldier is thinking right now before they go to bed, right?  Mommy… I’m sure there’s still a part of them that’s still a child,” Caloroso said.

There is also the more mainstream reaction. 

A woman who lives nearby told 10News, “Well, it's definitely not what we teach our kids. It's against law--what it says.”

She said the graffiti's also a traffic hazard. 

“I think it's very unsafe to be right next to the freeway where people are braking and that's a very busy area,” the woman said.

It is likely that someone will white-wash over the painting but it has been already been widely seen and documented.

Caloroso predicted, “It's gonna be on Facebook tonight; gonna be all over the world.”

He also wondered about the influence of a well-known British street artist. 

“This looks like a Banksy painting,” Caloroso said.

Banksy gained fame for guerrilla art; mostly on walls, a prankster who often featured sketches of a rat, but often a little girl with a balloon; a recurring theme of escape...and hope.

Not a little girl asking permission to kill.

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