Pacific Beach yoga instructor says city ticketing him because too many show up to outdoor class

SAN DIEGO - The instructor of a free yoga class at Palisades Park in Pacific Beach says the city is ticketing him because too many people are showing up.

"I mean, this is a yoga class, after all," said instructor Steve Hubbard. "We're not having a keg party out here."

Hubbard helps run Spirit Yoga Studio and has been leading the weekend classes at the park for the past six years. Palisades Park sits at the end of Law Street and is a popular perch overlooking the water.

The classes have become so popular that more than 100 people show up for the 10 a.m. sessions every Saturday and Sunday.

Hubbard says a few weeks ago, officers showed up to tell him his class was well over the 50-person limit under city code.

"He showed up with three police officers and a paddy wagon," said Hubbard. "A paddy wagon literally showed up to a yoga class to try and intimidate people."

Hubbard claims he handed out 50 passes at the following class, but that did not stop others from joining in.

"I told everybody else that I'm very sorry … if you stay we're going to be out of municipal code," Hubbard said. "I don't have the right to kick 51 and plus out of the park."

Hubbard said that officers returned and ticketed him again.

So far, his free classes have racked up hundreds of dollars in fines and a court date in September.

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