Pacific Beach man accused of cloning dozens of debit cards

SAN DIEGO - A Pacific Beach man who has on the run from police for weeks was arraigned Monday on charges of cloning dozens of debit cards and using them to go shopping or selling the cards.

According to the website "The Dirty," Timothy Menard is known as quite the ladies’ man, but one woman who wrote a blog warns, "You will get your heart broken." There are several photos of him surrounded by scantily-clad women.

Police said the 24-year-old is also known for cloning debit cards and then either using them himself or selling them. 10News obtained a search warrant that said police raided his apartment on Pico Street after finding 45 pre-paid debit cards on him during a traffic stop.

Investigators said Menard tried to hide them in the car. Officers used a magnetic card reader to examine the encoded account information and found that all 45 cards had been cloned with the names, banks and account numbers of real people.

10News went to Menard's apartment and ran into several hostile people. 10News was later told they are Menard's relatives. The landlord said Menard had moved out.

One of the photos on the website "The Dirty" shows Menard holding what appears to be a shotgun. According to the search warrant, investigators also scoured his apartment for weapons. There is no word if they found any.

Monday afternoon, an assistant district attorney called 10News and said Menard had been arraigned at 1 p.m. He pleaded not guilty to six counts, including identity theft, possession of access cards and use of those cloned debit cards. He will be back in court in May.

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