Pacific Beach considering parking meters

SAN DIEGO - Free parking at Pacific Beach may be on its way out. Community groups in PB may put in meters for visitors and issue parking passes to residents.

"They just circle the blocks or go into residential areas," said the president of Discover Pacific Beach, Elvin Lai.

He wants to create a parking district at the beach by creating parking structures, transit systems, passes and meters. The system would be very similar to one you may find on a major college campus.

"You can't park in PB without a meter or a pass," said Lai.

Some think the idea will make life hard on residents.

"Like, hey, I don't need to get a permit to park in front of my own house," said resident Paul Falcone. "And then what happens when people visit me? Do they need a permit too?"

Questions like that do not have any definite answers yet. The plan is still being drafted.

For now, Lai says the conversation is open to change.

"It's whatever the community wants," he said. "We're having an open discussion with the entire community … business and residential, to see what they want."

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