Owner spots stolen truck in downtown San Diego, confronts suspects

SAN DIEGO - Police say a man walking downtown early Thursday morning discovered his pickup truck, which had been stolen the day before.

The man told San Diego police he was walking with a friend in the 600 block of 11th Avenue at about 12:30 a.m. when he spotted his white truck with two men under the hood.

 The owner approached the men, who told him that their friend had brought them over to change the truck’s battery. The owner told police he then noticed the truck’s stereo was missing. He witnessed a boy come out of a Nissan that was parked nearby, and then saw the stereo sitting inside the Nissan.

The owner and his friend held the three people in custody until police arrived.

The boy’s father showed up at the scene and admitted to officers that he was responsible for stealing the stereo, but not the truck, police said. He was taken into custody. His son and the other two men were released.

No names were released. Police are investigating.

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