Owner of Miramar cabinet company faces charges

Felix 'Eddie' Brown accused of stealing money

SAN DIEGO - A man accused of running a well-known cabinet company in Miramar is facing criminal charges -- more than a year and a half after victims contacted 10News about Felix Edwin Brown stealing their money.

Brown, also known as "Eddie," faces 26 counts of grand theft and diversion of construction funds. He ran Bardon Cabinetry and is charged with promising services, but never delivering.

In a video posted online, Brown said, "Bardon is a family."

"Let me show you around and meet our people and I think you'll have a different experience when you come to Bardon," Brown said in the video.

Frank Melbourn said he had a different experience, but not one he wanted. He said Brown stole $17,000 for a project the company never finished. Brown then disappeared.

"We were outraged. We were upset," Melbourn said.

10News first interviewed Melbourn in May 2011. Soon after, other victims came forward about their experience with Bardon.

"The business end of it was really a sham," said Melissa Jeffers in an interview in 2011.

"They failed to do anything other than take our money and close their doors," Melbourn said.

Brown pleaded not guilty to the charges. The phone numbers listed for him are all disconnected -- both in San Diego, as well as in an address listed in Montana.

Melbourn said since 10News first aired the story in 2011, the victims started an email group, sharing their horrible experiences. He is now leaving the case in the hands of the legal system.

"I was very thankful to Channel 10 news for airing the story," Melbourn said. "My hope is that Mr. Brown will be punished for his bad actions and also the victims would be compensated for their harm."

Melbourn eventually hired another company to complete his remodeling project, but said it was tough for his family and took several extra months to complete.

A district attorney representative said if Brown is convicted, he could face a maximum of 12 years behind bars. His next court date is in February.

In an email to customers in 2011, Brown wrote: "We are diligently working with possible buyers … Bardon is also reaching out to contractors and cabinet companies who might be able to continue with our cancelled contracts."

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