Owner of Bardon Cabinetry pleads guilty to charges that he stole customers' money

Felix 'Eddie' Brown to serve 2 years in prison

SAN DIEGO - The owner of a Miramar cabinet company pleaded guilty Friday to charges that he stole customers' money and failed to deliver on services he promised.

Felix "Eddie" Brown, owner of Bardon Cabinetry, pleaded guilty to two counts of diversion of construction funds and two counts of theft by false pretenses. 10News learned Brown admitted that the total sum of losses sustained by his victims is in excess of $65,000. More than a dozen victims were named in the complaint against Brown.

Brown was given a two-year prison term, and he will be officially sentenced on Jan. 2, 2014.

In 2011, victims contacted 10News saying that they signed contracts with the company and paid partial costs, but the company suddenly closed in May that year, leaving customers out of thousands of dollars.

During a preliminary hearing, William Henning, an architect who designed his own plans and brought it to Bardon, said it was while he was on vacation on the East Coast that he had heard Bardon had unexpectedly shut its doors. Bardon's main showroom on Miramar Road was shut down.

"I took a deep breath. We were 3,000 miles away and spent a lot of money and were beside ourselves. We just didn't know what to do," Henning testified.

In an email to customers in 2011, Brown wrote: "We are diligently working with possible buyers … Bardon is also reaching out to contractors and cabinet companies who might be able to continue with our canceled contracts."

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