Outrage continues to grow over firing of Sprouts employee Ian Rey

The outrage continues to grow over the firing of a disabled man from his long-time job at the Sprouts Farmers Market in Point Loma. 

On Wednesday, about a dozen customers staged an informal rally in the Sprouts parking lot of the same store where Ian Rey was awarded Employee of the Month.

Rey, who was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, has learning disabilities but has held a job at the grocery store for 14 years. 

He was fired after he says he took a black jacket he thought was his from the break room and unknowingly wore it to work the next day.

Many 10News viewers saw 10News' story Tuesday and showed up at the store with signs and strong words for the manager.

"It's unacceptable and I won't shop there until he gets his job back," said Francesca Adams.

Delia Rugmas added, "Shame on you, Sprouts."

Rey's firing has started a social media firestorm on the 10News Facebook page where more than 150 people posted messages Wednesday. 

Sprouts released a statement that read in part: "There is more to the story than is being reported, however we do not publicly comment on personnel issues."


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