OPERA America: San Diego Opera's challenges are not insurmountable

SAN DIEGO - An open letter was sent to San Diego board members from the influential OPERA America, based in New York City, that advises them that the financial problems they're struggling with are not insurmountable.

“Careful examination of the data indicates a strong potential..” for survival “without sacrificing artistic quality.”  The findings of their review of the opera's operations also say it is ”essential” the current company remain in place and the opera “does not fit the profile” of other companies that have closed. Read the entire letter (pdf)

Opera America is like the Red Cross for operas across America.  If an opera is ailing, OPERA America personnel will come visit,  gather information and then provide an evaluation of the situation with no vested interest in the outcome other than providing solutions and best practices suggestions.

OPERA America has done this before and this time it was San Diego that received a visit from CEO Marc A. Scorca, just last week. 

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