Openly gay Republican Carl DeMaio features partner in 'New Generation' campaign ad

DeMaio is running against Rep. Peters

SAN DIEGO - Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio unveiled this week a campaign ad featuring his same-sex partner.

DeMaio—a former San Diego Councilman who ran for mayor—is one of three openly gay Republicans running for Congress.

The 88-second ad, titled "A New Generation Republican," features DeMaio as a "problem solver," "a defender" and " a reformer.

About 49 seconds into the video, DeMaio is seen holding hands with his longtime partner, Jonathan Hale, at the San Diego LGBT pride parade.

DeMaio, who didn't include Hale in any ads during his mayoral bid in 2013, said he was told not to by his campaign consultant. This time around, he's hoping to feature a "new generation" of Republicans.

"If we can bring the Republican Party to embrace some of these new generation concepts, I think you can start seeing more and more success," he said.

DeMaio served on the City Council from 2008-2012 and was a front-runner in the 2013 mayoral race but lost to Bob Filner, who later resigned. He is currently challenging Rep. Scott Peters, a Democrat, in the 52nd district.

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