Online petition to stop summer fireworks at SeaWorld gains support

SAN DIEGO - Some San Diegans are looking to put an end to a summer tradition -- SeaWorld's fireworks show.

It's like clockwork every summer night in America's Finest City. San Diegans from miles around can hear or see SeaWorld's fireworks display just before the park closes for the night.

"My apartment, where I live, it faces straight toward the fireworks," said Pacific Beach resident Marcelo Amaya.

Amaya said the nightly show doesn't bother him, adding, "They're awesome, I mean, it's just like a nice touch of San Diego like every day of the week."

The show goes on for 66 consecutive nights, but that's not OK with Point Loma resident Alana Coons.

"It affects wildlife, it affects pets, it affects the animals at SeaWorld," Coons said.

But she said that's not all.

"There's also the harm it does to people suffering from PTSD," said Coons.

Coons decided she would try to do something about it by starting an online petition calling for SeaWorld to stop the shows. From San Diego to the UK, more than 2,000 people have joined the effort.

10News asked Coons why she moved to Point Loma knowing how loud the fireworks might be here, and she replied, "You know, actually I didn't. I moved here knowing there were planes here."

SeaWorld officials told 10News they are in accordance with city of San Diego ordinances, as well as national pollutant discharge elimination permits. They also issued this statement:

"This culmination of our daily summer nights program has been enjoyed by tens of millions of park guests as well as area residents, and we continue to receive very positive feedback."

Coons suggested SeaWorld replace the fireworks with a high-tech laser show.

She said she hopes to take the petition to the City Council.

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