One Marine's mission for Memorial Day: Cptl. Bolivar Flores hopes others recognize struggling vets

Marine urges others with PTSD to get help

SAN DIEGO - With combat tours in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan, Marine Cpl. Bolivar Flores has seen and experienced more than some do in a lifetime.

"I deal with my own survivor's guilt; for a lot of guys survivor's guilt is what eats you up," said Flores.

Depressed, anxious and overly concerned about his own problems last Memorial Day, Flores made a vow to change focus for this Memorial Day.

"The wounds you can't see, that's what I want others to recognize and if another vet is struggling with it as I am, then I want them to do what I did and get help," he said.

In a post on Facebook last Memorial Day, Flores said, "Not all wounds are visual, sometimes it's what you can't see, listen PTSD is talking."

That's the message he wants to get out this Memorial Day -- to not only recognize the fallen and those whose wounds are visible, but to recognize all those veterans who struggle every day like he does.

"Anyone who has taken the oath and put on a uniform deserves a handshake and a thank you; I hope to ensure they get it," he said.

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