Old water tower in North Park is San Diego's newest historic landmark

North Park Water Tower added to state registry

SAN DIEGO - San Diego's newest historical landmark is a water tower.

On Friday, the North Park Historical Society and San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria announced that the North Park Water Tower is now registered with the California State Historical Resources Commission.

The tower was built in 1924, and it held 1.2 million gallons before it was retired in the 1990s.

Now, the North Park Water Tower will live on forever.

"It is the reason North Park even exists," said North Park Historical Society member Katherine Hon.

Hon said it was the only way to get water to the growing neighborhoods.

"This is the most easily recognizable visual that represents North Park," said Gloria. "We have T-shirts, we have beer koozies, we have all kinds of stuff dedicated to this image."

Outsiders may not recognize the historical significance of the water tower. A couple of people told 10News it was ugly.

"Oh my gosh, they just ... they're not listening," said Hon. "There is so much love for this water tower."

With the historical designation, there is hope the city of San Diego may invest in painting and maintain the tower.

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