Oceanside police now working to slow drivers on dangerous stretch of roadway following 10News report

Speed trailer posted on Lake Boulevard

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - The city of Oceanside is now taking action days after a viewer contacted 10News about a dangerous street which has nearly claimed several lives.

Many call the 4100 block of Lake Boulevard, just south of state Route 78, a death trap.

On Wednesday, three days after 10News' story on a dangerous stretch of Lake Boulevard first aired, the city of Oceanside posted a speed trailer.

It is a first in a series of steps towards what residents hope will be a permanent solution.

Lake Boulevard is the same street where 'Baby Izaiah' Wallis was nearly killed by drunken driver three years ago.

Irene Aceves spoke with 10News on Wednesday about what she and her family have witnessed while living on the corner of Lake Boulevard and Del Cero Avenue.

"My house was hit three times by people that were coming so fast," she said.    

Like Aceves, longtime resident Raul Laguna wants a permanent fix in place, like a stop sign, to slow traffic.

"I'm asking the city of Oceanside for my kids' sake," said Laguna. "Not just for me, but for my neighbors, for the whole Lake Boulevard community, please."

He says a speed trailer put up by police Wednesday is a start, but far from a fix.        

"That's great to see the quick response," Laguna said.

Police have told him the trailer will sit there for a week before it is moved to the other side of the street for a week. During that time, it will transmit data back to police headquarters and possibly lead to a long-term solution.

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