Oceanside police dog bites civilian employee at headquarters

Dispatcher trainee gets daily treatment for wounds

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - A police dispatcher trainee spoke to 10News about the day she was attacked by a police K-9.

Monica Campbell would only tell 10News she gets daily treatment at a local hospital for the nasty bite wound on her arm. She said she likes her job as a dispatcher trainee with the Oceanside Police Department too much to say anything else about the incident.

Oceanside police confirmed that on Oct. 17, a police canine bit an employee.

"That matter is under investigation and at this point I'm not at liberty to discuss any further details regarding it," said Oceanside police Capt. Fred Armijo.

Sources told 10News Campbell was taking a break after midnight in the enclosed parking lot at police headquarters when a Belgian Malinois named Ranger charged her and bit her arm. Although sources said Ranger's police officer handler was in the vicinity, he was not in control of the dog.

An anonymous source told 10News it was the officer who pried Ranger's mouth off Campbell's arm.

Campbell declined to say how bad her injuries are or whether she plans to take legal action against the department. She told 10News reporter Allison Ash over the phone she hopes to return to her job soon and that her medical bills are being "taken care of."

Sources told 10News the city of Oceanside initially balked at paying the medical bills of a trainee, but Armijo told 10News that's not the case.

He also could not tell 10News whether the incident could lead to disciplinary action against Ranger's handler.

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