Oceanside man charged with murder of dismembered wife

Body parts found in couple's North Ditmar St. home

Oceanside, CALIF. - An Oceanside man has been arrested for the murder of his 74-year-old wife, Anna Maria Hengl, after the discovery of her dismembered body in their home on Friday.

Neighbors reported a strong foul odor in the 400 block of North Ditmar Street.

“The smell.  The smell; something rotten.”  Erick Chavez said police asked if he’d heard the sound of heavy machinery any time recently.

Police arrested 68-year old Frederick Hengl outside a bar in downtown Oceanside on Friday.

Oceanside Police Sgt. Matt Christensen told 10News, “The victim was dismembered and the husband is under arrest.”

Police say  that he tried to dispose of her body, and some body parts may already have been moved.

Chavez added, “The man was taking his trash cans back and forth, usually gets picked up in the alley, the trash man, you know.  He’s been going around the block, up and around, taking pieces of her and putting them in the trash; going around the block?  I don't know.”

Neighbors described Hengl’s wife as hostile and scary.

Neighbor Azalie Nava remembered, “There's sometimes she'd try to beat dogs and stuff; yell at you.”

Jerry Parnell recalled, “She'd stand there, feed the birds, talk to folks walking by and her pants would fall; she didn't seem to notice, ever.”  He said it was sad; and that her husband would sit on the corner across the street and smoke cigarettes with a forlorn look on his face.

Brett Lord lives nearby, too.  “My neighbor was just telling me she'd chase her down the street with a knife or she'd have her clothes off, pants down; you could tell she was a little bit out of it.

Her husband had his quirks, too.

Parnell said, “He would cross-dress and you almost couldn't recognize the guy.”

Lord described him as “somebody who'd walk by all the time, dressed in women's clothing.”

Frederick Hengl turned down a 10News request for a jail house interview on Saturday. He faces first degree murder charges. He is expected to be arraigned in a Vista courtroom on Tuesday afternoon.

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