Oceanside family reunites with paramedics that helped save newborn baby

Baby named after 2 paramedics

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - An Oceanside couple says their newborn son is alive thanks to a group of paramedics from the Oceanside Fire Department.

10News was there as the Pestana family met at the fire station for an emotional reunion with the crew on Monday.

On Dec. 17, Melissa Pestana knew something was wrong. The first-time mom went to the hospital the night before complaining of severe pains, but she was released and was told it was a false alarm.

The next morning, at 8 a.m., she said she felt her baby "drop" and told her family to call 911. Petana was in active labor and her son was in a hurry to arrive.

Paramedics, led by Capt. Glen Morgan, delivered the baby before the ambulance even left the driveway. He was just 4.7 pounds and 7 weeks premature, and his lungs not quite developed.

"She gave one loud yell and out he came like a football; I caught him," said Morgan.

Morgan said the baby was in distress, so he immediately went to work and performed delicate heart compressions.

"The baby was blue, lifeless and limp. It did not look good, I did not think we would have a happy ending," said Morgan.

Pestana's husband, Paul, followed the ambulance to the hospital.

"I stared at the ceiling of the ambulance and just prayed he would be OK. I kept asking if he was OK but they were focused on saving him. I saw them doing compressions on his chest," said Melissa Pestana.

For 10 minutes, Morgan performed CPR on the baby.

"When we pulled into Tri-City Medical Center, he took his first breath. I looked up at the doctor and said this is the first sign of life we have seen from this child," said Morgan.

Pestana named the baby Zavier Stephan Morgan Pestana, in honor rescuers Steven Choi and Morgan.

Zavier is now in perfect health.

"These guys saved his life, they are like family and they will watch him grow up," said Pestana.

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