Oceanside family looks for help to fund 7-year-old adopted boy's kidney transplant

Gavin Thomas was adopted from Bulgaria

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - An Oceanside family is asking for your help to grant their wish this Christmas.

Lindsay and her military husband Andy Thomas adopted a young boy from Bulgaria last year and say they need assistance in helping make a kidney transplant a reality for the 7-year-old.

Gavin Thomas lived in an orphanage most of his life before being brought to the United States.

"It's dark and it's scary and it's a very lonely place," Lindsay Thomas said.

But Gavin was a shining line in that orphanage. The Thomas’ knew the young boy had kidney problems, but they noticed another health issue right away that was not previously diagnosed.

"We didn’t know he was deaf, so that was something we discovered when we picked him up from Bulgaria," Thomas said.

That is not stopping the energetic child. He is learning sign language in a school for the deaf.

"He’s adjusted well and I don't think you would ever know where he came from now," Thomas said.

None of the Thomas family were a match for a kidney, but they found a donor in an unexpected place: Gavin’s case manager.

"I was really excited and I was also really scared," said Nina Thompson during a Skype interview with 10News from her home in Washington state.

Thompson helped facilitate Gavin’s adoption from Bulgaria. However, they first met last week during a visit that helped alleviate some of her fears.

“Every family has a way that they could help impact making the world a better place, so definitely this is something I can do ,” Thompson said.

The surgery is scheduled early next year. In the meantime, the family is helping raise funds to help pay for extra expenses, like travel costs to bring Thompson to San Diego for the surgery.

To learn how you can donate and get involved, click to visit the Thomas family's blog: http://lifeasathomas5.blogspot.com/.

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