Ocean Beach vendor David Millette once again battles city over sale of bracelets

SAN DIEGO - A handmade jewelry vendor is once again going toe-to-toe with the city of San Diego.

On Sunday, a San Diego Lifeguard in Ocean Beach cited David Millette for selling survival bracelets he made out of "power cord" and hemp. It was his second citation this year.

"I got a ticket in February," said Millette.

Earlier this year, Millette went to court, and he said the judge ruled the ticket violated his First Amendment rights as an artist and threw the ticket out.

Millette, who has sold his wares on the OB boardwalk for a couple of years, went back to selling his bracelets.

He recorded the same lifeguard give him another ticket Sunday with his smartphone.

"He came by and took some pictures of my merchandise with my price tags on it," said Millette.

Millette, an out-of-work carpenter, used to have a personalized letter from then-Mayor Bob Filner giving him permission to sell his wares. The letter was worthless after Filner was ousted.

Now Millette can't sell his bracelets until a September meeting with another judge.

"I'm just frustrated because of this harassment," said Millette.

A San Diego Lifeguard lieutenant said the city regulations are clear and Millette cannot sell his bracelets at the beach.

"Congress can't set up rules and regulations for the First Amendment. I don't see why he thinks that the city can," argued Millette.

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