Ocean Beach residents urged to sign pledge that could mean end of Marshmallow Wars tradition

SAN DIEGO - Members of the Ocean Beach Town Council want to officially put an end to the Marshmallow Wars tradition.

They've created a "Pledge to Mallow Out" and want residents to sign it, stating they promise not to participate in a marshmallow fight on July 4th. The town council is also seeking volunteers for a peace patrol that will collect marshmallows hours before the annual fireworks show.

The council also put together a PSA featuring a 10News story about the complaints they received.

The council voted to end the 25-year-old tradition after last year's marshmallow fight angered many including local veterans, businesses and residents who live near where the event took place.

Bystanders were injured, businesses were damaged, and more than 2,000 pounds of trash were left behind on the beach and Veterans Plaza following the "war."

"It was a huge headache. There were people throwing flaming marshmallows, frozen marshmallows; a child got injured, other community members said they got hurt," said Dave Cieslak with the OB Town Council. "We don't want the community trashed again, we don't want the marshmallow wars to once again damage the streets and leave all that trash on the beach."

10News asked several Ocean Beach residents whether the tradition should come to an end and reaction was mixed.

"I know it's a tradition here in Ocean Beach so I wouldn't want to get in the way of that. I know my little sister got hit in the face last year and that was unpleasant so I feel it can be dangerous," Jill Hybertsen said.

"I think people need to lighten up. Everybody wants to have fun, they're not fighting or anything," said Laura Aviles.

"It gets everywhere, it gets in the carpets, it tracks all the way into your homes, it's up for blocks and who knows what all does to the environment," Beth Torrey said.

The council is also working with San Diego police to make sure residents don't see a repeat of last year.

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