Ocean Beach Neighborhood Searches For Attacker

Posters Created In Response To Attack Last Saturday In 5000 Block Of Muir Avenue

An Ocean Beach neighborhood is taking matters into its own hands after a woman was sexually assaulted on the street where she lives.

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The attack occurred last Saturday about 2:10 a.m. in the 5000 block of Muir Avenue in Ocean Beach, San Diego police said.

On Friday, more than a hundred posters seeking the attacker were on every pole along Muir Avenue and the streets that surround it.

Two police sketches are on the poster. The problem is that neither drawing is of the man who attacked the woman.

"She was stunned and he immediately got her in a headlock and started giving her uppercuts as he dragged her into the backyard right there on the street," said George Mosher, as he described how one of his neighbors was viciously attacked and sexually assaulted.

Mosher put up the $5,000 reward advertised on the posters, which are not police approved because the two composite drawings are from other sexual assaults. One dates back to 2010.

"So to say that these two composites are linked to this case is not exactly accurate," said San Diego police Lt. Andra Brown. "We don't have a composite from the most current case."

Mosher said, "They basically fit her description of what this man looked like."

He and those who know the victim see it as a way of alerting other young women that there's a predator in their midst. The victim of Saturday's attack fought back.

"I fear for every other girl in this community who's not as strong as her, who can't fight back," said neighbor Samantha Dillman. "It's scary. It's very scary. "

Police said it could also be scary for the man who put his phone number on the bottom of the poster because he could fall prey to criminals and because he is not the right person to handle the information that might help capture a sexual predator.

Although police have asked the people responsible for the poster to take it down, they are actually printing more. They say every tip they receive will be given to detectives so they can investigate.

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