Ocean Beach environmentalist diving into Dumpsters to prove America wastes too much food

OB man takes 10News into Dumpsters for food

SAN DIEGO - An Ocean Beach environmentalist is digging deep this week for some deep dishes.

Rob Greenfield will spend several hours in San Diego-area Dumpsters for a documentary he is shooting called "21 Gourmet Dumpster Meals."

"I don't recommend Dumpster diving to anybody," he told 10News reporter Joe Little.  "I recommend taking proper care to not put the food in the Dumpsters in the first place."

He said America throws away 90 billion pounds of edible food every year at a cost of $165 billion.

"Suggested sell by date is just that, a suggested sell by date," he said.

Greenfield said America produces enough food every year to feed the entire country four times but most of it is inefficiently used or thrown out behind grocery stores and restaurants.

He suggests people stop wasting food and stores donate what they deem unusable to the San Diego Rescue Mission and San Diego Food Bank.

After three hours in a Dumpster, Greenfield "rescued" a refrigerator full of fruits and vegetables worth more than $200.


Watch outtakes from their Dumpster diving experience below (mobile users: http://bit.ly/19bQwcV).

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