Ocean Beach assault may be 'knockout game' attack

SAN DIEGO - An Ocean Beach man who got a nasty surprise while walking home believes he was a victim of the so-called "knockout game."

Multiple videos on YouTube of the knockout game are alarming. In the knockout game, teens randomly punch people on the street in an attempt to knock them out with one blow.

In November, 10News reported on two possible knockout attacks in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Could that same game have played out near Sunset Cliffs on Valentine's Day night?

In an anonymous letter sent to OBRag.org, a person calling himself a fourth-generation Ocean Beach resident said he climbed the stairs near a seawall and walked up Pescadero Avenue when he was suddenly sucker-punched several times in the face.

In the account, the man said two attackers included one man in a gold party mask and another possibly in a silver mask. They were also wearing jeans and white hoodies.

In the letter, the victim wrote, "I believe there was a third person off in the distance filming the two beat me."

The victim wrote he fought back and screamed, "You are cowards for wearing masks while you beat me," before the attackers laughed and ran off.

Police confirmed to 10News that the 36-year-old man walked into a substation 10 hours after the attack and filed a police report. 10News learned the victim suffered cuts and swelling on his face.

"Right now, we're treating this as a random attack," said San Diego police Sgt. Ray Rowe.

Rowe said attackers in the knockout game haven't worn masks, but he hasn't ruled out a knockout game connection.

He said the victim didn't tell them about a third person filming the incident, but if that person is simply a witness, he could be a key to the case -- a possible lone audience member at a knockout game.

Police say they haven't linked the crime to any other attacks.

If you have any information, you're asked to call the San Diego Police Department's Western Division.

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