Nurse accused of sex on the job, elder neglect to be arraigned Tuesday

SAN DIEGO - A male nurse accused of engaging in a sex act with another male nurse while caring for a 99-year-old stroke victim is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday at the downtown courthouse.

Russel Torralba, 41, was charged last year with elder neglect and lewd act by a caregiver. He was arrested and extradited to San Diego last week.

Co-defendant Alfredo V. Ruiz, 42, faces the same charges and was arraigned in December.

At that time, Deputy District Attorney Paul Greenwood said a March 2011 video shows Ruiz and Torralba engaging in a sex act near the bedridden woman they were caring for.

The woman's daughter suspected that her mother was not being cared for properly and complained to the defendants' employer. When the complaints went nowhere, family members viewed video from security cameras that had been installed in the woman's home years earlier.

Greenwood said the video shows Ruiz and Torralba engaging in a sex act and Ruiz taking the woman's hand and putting it on his groin area.

Ruiz and Torralba are also charged with providing inadequate care for six other residents at two board-and-care facilities in Mira Mesa in 2010, the prosecutor said.

The defendants are charged with four felony and four misdemeanor counts of elder neglect by a caregiver and one count of lewd act by a caregiver on a dependent adult.

They each face 11 years in prison if convicted, Greenwood said.

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