Number of car break-ins in Oceanside neighborhood continues to grow

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - More problems have surfaced in an upscale Oceanside neighborhood as the number of recent car break-ins continues to grow.

"I came around the back of the truck and the door was open," said Dale Roberson.

The same thief that broke into Roberson's locked truck on Colina Court a few weeks ago also got into Paul Bouffard's locked Subaru the next block over.

"The hatch was open and so was the driver door. So was the glove compartment," said Bouffard. 

From the Subaru, a smartphone, gift cards, and a tie were some of the items nabbed.

Stolen from the truck were solar panels, a portable battery and other industrial equipment valued at more than $1,800.                     

"When I saw my vehicle open, I felt violated and angry," said Roberson.

It has become a familiar feeling in the Oceanside neighborhood.

In November, surveillance video obtained by 10News showed thieves opening the doors of an SUV and helping themselves to cash and sports memorabilia. The SUV was one of five vehicles hit in one night.

After 10News' story aired, a neighbor stepped forward with another surveillance video, which was shot in late March. In it, a car pulls up to a home, followed by an SUV.

Three people make quick work of egging one of a handful of homes that were targeted in one night.

Neighbors who have looked at both videos say the ages and heights are similar. They are hoping the images of the vehicles could provide a critical break in the case, if all the cases are connected.  

Meanwhile, in the neighborhood, a sense of anxiety has moved in.

"Everyone's worried about who's going to be broken into next," said Bouffard.

Anyone with information is asked to call Oceanside Police. Investigators say they have not determined if there is a connection between the most recent cases and the previous incidents.

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