Nudists hold convention in East County

JACUMBA HOT SPRINGS, Calif. - The largest nudist convention of its kind is going on now in the East County.

This week, the De Anza Springs Nudist Resort in Jacumba Hot Springs is hosting the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) National Convention.

Dave Landman, owner of the De Anza Springs Nudist Resort, told 10News, "This is an organization to protect the rights of citizens to go nude in appropriate places."

Visitors from Wisconsin, Wyoming, Kansas, Montana, Idaho and Nevada are in town for the convention.

There are more than 35,000 registered members, but hundreds of thousands of nudists.

"We get together and discuss a whole lot of things like sunscreen; no, I'm just kidding," said Landman.

Landman's resort is the ninth-largest in the U.S.

Through this weekend, almost 1,000 nudists will bare all during the convention.

AANR President Susan Weaver said the convention looks to break down misunderstandings about nudists.

"Nudist rights are still a challenge for us," Weaver said.

"You understand some people at home are going, 'No. Oh, no," said 10News reporter Joe Little.

"Ignorance is our biggest roadblock," said Weaver.

Those who don't know may think there's a perversion here, but Landman said, "I think there's that misconception and it's just the lack of education."

Weaver said the group wants to "bring to people that we know how much pleasure we find, how much joy we have in nude recreation."

The convention ends Monday.

Landman also owns a majority of the town of Jacumba Hot Springs.

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