Shocking theory about McStay family disappearance revealed in new book

'No Goodbyes' by Rick Baker coming out Feb. 4

FALLBROOK, Calif. - The author of an explosive new book about the disappearance of a Fallbrook family three years ago said he believes Summer McStay killed her husband and took off with the couple's boys.

"I personally believe that Summer probably killed Joseph and we should be looking for Summer and the two kids, rather than a family of four that decided to just flee on their own," said author Rick Baker.

Baker said he has spent the past three years investigating the case and reading personal and business emails written by Summer McStay.

"From the emails that she sent in the last year to family and friends and even business associates out of state from Arizona to North Carolina, we see a very different woman… I think, a very conflicted woman," explained Baker. "I use the word 'evil' because some of the thoughts that she put down on paper and emails and electronically sent to people show a very conflicted person... someone who was very unhappy, not just with her own personal life but with Joseph as well and with Joseph's extended family, and just not a very nice person."

Joseph and Summer McStay and their children Joseph and Gianni disappeared from their Fallbrook home on Feb. 4, 2010. There were no signs of a struggle, and no signs that the couple had financial problems. Their two dogs were left unattended and it was not until after neighbors complained about barking that family members and investigators realized the family had vanished.

The couple's SUV was found days later near the border crossing in San Ysidro and when investigators checked surveillance video, they saw dark images of what appeared to be the family walking into Mexico.

Several leads in Mexico proved to be false.

"I don't think they ever crossed the border. I don't believe law enforcement thinks that they crossed the border," said Baker, who called the video "staged." 

He added, "The car was put there for a specific purpose and I don't believe they ever went to Mexico."

Baker admitted that his book, entitled "No Goodbyes," does not have all the answers about the bizarre disappearance but does offer enough evidence to show there was something "sinister" about what happened to the McStays.

"The reason why I wrote this book was to put the facts out there… that this wasn't just some happy family like Mayberry RFD and they chose to go to Mexico one day. That's not what happened," Baker said.

Joseph McStay's brother told 10News over the phone that his family does not share the thoughts and opinions of Baker. 

"If he has proof, then let him produce it," said Mike McStay, who spent months searching for his brother.

Mike McStay said he believes Baker is twisting the truth so he can sell books.

Baker told 10News the money raised from book sales will go to Texas Equusearch, an organization dedicated to finding missing persons.

"No Goodbyes: The Mysterious Disappearance of the McStay Family" will be available on Feb. 4, which is the third anniversary of the family's disappearance.

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