NFL star Reggie Bush to Helix High School students: Map out a plan, set a goal for yourself

LA MESA - An NFL star returned home Friday to share some words of wisdom and ask students to learn from his mistakes.

Former USC and current Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush ran on to the Helix High School football field in La Mesa Friday.

He came back to Helix to help the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens donate $5,000 to a school scholarship fund.  Bush also spoke to a crowd of about a thousand students.

“Map out a plan, set a goal for yourself, and don’t let anything stop you from achieving that,” Bush said in a short speech about the importance of graduating.

“He bounced back.  I think it shows his mental toughness,” said Bush’s freshman year football coach Jim Arnaiz.

In 2010, Bush was stripped of his Heisman Trophy after he violated NCAA rules by accepting lavish gift.  USC was sanctioned and Bush was disgraced.

“He was pretty quiet and under cover I think,” said Arnaiz.

But like any good running back, Bush bounced back.

“The biggest message I can portray to kids is that you don’t have to be perfect in life and obstacles are going to come,” said Bush.

Bush announced to the students he would triple Taco Bell’s donation, by donating $15,000 of his own money to the school’s scholarship fund.

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