Newtown shooting victims, families vow to keep fighting for stricter gun control laws

WASHINGTON - Families of the Newtown, Conn. shooting victims have vowed to keep fighting for stricter gun control law.

Many of those who lost loved ones in December's massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School say they are very disappointed by the Senate's defeat of expanded background checks for gun sales and vow to continue their fight.

Erica Lafferty is the daughter of Dawn Hochsprung, the Sandy Hook Elementary School principal who was fatally shot as she lunged unarmed at the shooter. Lafferty said, quote: "My mom was not scared in the halls of Sandy Hook, they should not be scared to cast a vote to protect millions of innocent people," referring to the senators who voted against expanding background checks for gun sales.

The National Rifle Association said they would rate lawmakers on Monday's vote.

Lafferty made her comments Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation."

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