New VA clinic opens in Sorrento Valley

17,000 patient visits expected yearly

SAN DIEGO - The opening of a new clinic in San Diego for military veterans could help speed up the appointment process.

When Army veteran August James heard there was going to be a VA clinic by his home a half-mile away, he said, "I just couldn't believe it. I thought it was too good to be true."  

It is true, as the VA in San Diego is doing whatever it can to roll back the wait times for veterans seeking care.  

In a nationwide scandal that erupted a few months ago, some veterans actually died waiting for an appointment, with facilities doctoring the books to cover it up.  

In comparison, San Diego has fared pretty well, and according to James, "When I first enrolled at the La Jolla facility, I was seen within 30 minutes, and I wouldn't say that if it were not true."  

The primary care facility in Sorrento Valley, located on 10455 Sorrento Valley Road, has 15 examination rooms, a lab for blood draws and more.  

"We're using an electronic screening system that speeds up the process with real-time information," said Kym Grey, a VA social worker.  

The doors to the clinic will open Monday with plans still on the books to more than double existing clinics in Mission Valley and Chula Vista.

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