New Tip May Lead To SDSU Student's Body

Father: Body Of Donna Jou May Have Been Buried In Los Angeles, Not Dumped In Ocean

The father of a missing San Diego State University student who disappeared four years ago said on Tuesday that new information has come to light about where his daughter might be buried.

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Donna Jou was a straight-A student who answered a Craigslist ad about tutoring and was never heard from again.

Jou disappeared in 2007. Two years later, John Burgess admitted giving Jou drugs and alcohol. He said he panicked when she died and dumped her body in the ocean.

Jou's father, Reza, thinks otherwise. He said new information has come to light which indicates Jou's body was not dumped in the ocean but buried in Los Angeles.

"That tip is very recent and has not been totally researched yet," Reza Jou told 10News over the phone. "There has to be a search warrant because it's private property there."

That is why he wants the case re-opened. Since no body was ever found, Burgess was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to three to five years in prison.

When asked if the new information he received is reliable, Reza Jou responded, "Well, we are not 100-percent sure, but there is some merit to that."

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office told 10News there is no active investigation as far as they know.

Burgess was paroled from state prison and is currently in the Los Angeles County Jail system. He is due to be released from jail on Dec. 7, if not sooner.

Jou's parents are hoping to appeal to the Los Angeles District Attorney on Friday to keep the case open. Friday would have been Jou's 24th birthday.

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