New thing: Turn your smartphone into a stun gun

One dad tries it out for his family

SAN DIEGO - It seems everywhere you go these days, everyone has a case on their smartphone to protect it from just about anything. But how about a case that protects you?

They now exist and George Sidler is one of the first to jump on board. 

“The case became very attractive because you always have your phone in your hand,” says Sidler. 

He is like most husbands and fathers, worrying about his family's safety. That is why he recently ditched his entire family's old iPhone cases and replaced them with something called the Yellow Jacket. 

The phone case with a catchy name is a 650,000-volt stun gun in the palm of their hands and on the tip of their iPhones.  His wife Kelly just got the pink one.

“If something happens, it's readily available. I can flip the switch down and enact it,” says Kelly.

Police Corporal Mike Rivera with the Tampa police department is a stun gun instructor for new recruits.  While he wouldn't endorse the product, he did volunteer to try the Yellow Jacket on himself.  

“The concept is kind of neat but it is pain compliance and pain compliance, if you're motivated enough, you can fight through the pain,” said Rivera as he repeatedly shocked his left forearm with the blue bolt of electricity. 

Even with a lower voltage, Rivera said a police stun gun packs more of a sting than the Yellow Jacket but he said Yellow Jacket's 650,000 volts can stun anyone if they are hit in the right spot.  Rivera said the neck and pelvic area are the most sensitive. 

Yellow Jacket’s website shows you how to use the cutting edge cell phone case. Just flip the safety cover off, and in two seconds, you have a shocking self defense weapon with 13 times more volts than a police stun gun.  It also comes with a reserve battery on the bottom that extends your phone's battery by 20 hours.

The Yellow Jacket cases are in development for the iPhone 5 and currently are available only for older iPhone models. They cost $140.

There are other cases that can turn your phone into a self-defense weapon, including a pepper spray case and a brass knuckle case.

Stun Gun Case -

Pepper Spray Case -

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