New smartphone app warns of bad air

San Diegans currently breathing best air in years

SAN DIEGO - The air San Diegans are breathing is the cleanest air in decades.

On Wednesday, San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts announced that the air hasn't been cleaner since they started measuring air pollution 60 years ago.

"The air today ... this year, will be the cleanest that it's ever been," said Roberts.

Planes, traffic, cruise ships and power plants have all contributed to some poor air quality over the years.

"It's not healthy for you," said Roberts.

As of Wednesday, San Diego County is one of only two metropolitan areas in California that has met a 1997 federal standard for clean air. Cleaner vehicles and cleaner fuels have helped.

Breathing won't always be a breeze, so San Diego is now the test market for the Breathe Well smartphone app. The user can check the air quality where they are before going outside.

"If [the air] looks yellow or black, brown, if the air looks that way, I can verify it," said Ocean Beach resident Toula McCarley, who regularly takes her children outside to play.

“Their overall health is extremely important and I don’t want them to develop asthma," she added.

Even on a relatively clear day, there could be tiny particles that could cause harm.

"It will exasperate asthma. It will cause problems," said Roberts.

The app is plugged into hundreds of air monitoring stations across the state.

Learn how you can download the app by clicking here.

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