New sexual harassment claims against Mayor Bob Filner by 4 more women

The number of women coming forward now at 7

SAN DIEGO - Four more women openly accused San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment on Thursday, bringing the total number of women to seven.

The women are prominent members of the community, and they gave an exclusive interview to 10News partner KBPS.

"He's put me in what I guess now is the famous headlock," said businesswoman Patti Roscoe.

"I felt fearful," Roscoe said. "It was an invasion into my space, and he would come in and try to kiss me on the lips and I'd have to squirm to get away, and just as recently as a few months ago this happened. And I turned and he just slobbered down my chin and I was so violated and I was so offended."

Roscoe said Filner's harassment went beyond kissing attempts.

"On other occasions, he's gotten close to me and put his hands on inappropriate places on my body ... and it's just such a terrible invasion," Roscoe said.

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San Diego State University Dean Joyce Gattas told KPBS she also was sexually harassed by Filner.

"Where he's held me and held me too tight, kiss on the cheek which is inappropriate, hand on the knee that lasted too long," Gattas said. "Moreover, I've been in the environment where he has made those sexual comments to others."

Gattas helped create sexual harassment policies at SDSU.

"I've seen the interaction from others when they cringe when he's had those interactions," Gattas said. "I've experienced his sexual innuendoes with me at various events that, again, have left me in that strange feeling of -- this is inappropriate, this is un-wanted and this shouldn't be happening."

Two years ago at Filner's congressional office, Retired Adm. Veronica "Ronne" Froman, the former San Diego Navy Mayor, said she was the only woman in the room.

"As we were leaving the office, all the guys left and I was the last one in the room," Froman said. "Bob stepped between me and the doorway and he stopped me … and he got very close to me, and he ran his finger up my cheek like this and he whispered to me, 'Do you have a man in your life?' I jumped back. I was very, very startled, and I said, 'Yes, I have a man in my life.' And he said 'Who?' And I said, 'Lyndon Blue.'  And he said, 'Oh, of the Blues Brothers? Maybe we can all get together sometime for lunch and he can support me for mayor,'" Froman said.

"I was really rattled. I went out in the car, got in with the two guys I was working with and I told them to never leave me in a room alone with Bob Filner again," Froman said.

San Diego Port Tenants Association President Sharon Cloward described what she said happened with Filner in 2010.

"He said I was beautiful and that he wanted to date me," said Cloward. "And this time Bob Filner was going through his re-election process, so he made it clear that he would like to date me as soon as the re-election process was over."

All four women said they hoped other women would also come forward, and they called on Filner to resign.

"Bob Filner is the leader of our city," Roscoe said. "He is in a position now where he can't be in a meeting with a female staffer, and there are young women working for him ... and to think that my silence, our silence, is affecting those young women is devastating, and I think it's just time that we stood up and say we cannot have this kind of an immoral man leading our city."

"We're here to support all the women who've come forward," Froman said. "Our city deserves much, much better leadership than what we have in Bob Filner, and we want to call for his resignation."

Mayor Filner has denied all accusations of sexual harassment. He has refused to be interviewed by Team 10 and 10News, despite giving interviews to other media outlets in town.

These interviews were provided by KPBS, a partner of 10News.

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