New season of political advertisements now underway: David Alvarez launches mayoral ads

SAN DIEGO - San Diego City Councilman David Alvarez was the first out of the blocks with two television ads for his mayoral campaign, and experts with the Civility Project evaluated the candidate's ads.

"Negative ads work, that's why they are done, but we saw in the end of the last race, some pushback about the negativity," according to former Assemblyman Jeff Marston with the Civility Project.

Marston thinks the first television advertisements out of the box for the Nov. 19 special election reflect pushback against negative advertising. Marston is referring to the two spots produced for David Alvarez by a PAC with the name Working Families for a Better San Diego, with the money coming from San Diego and Imperial Labor Council with other support from national labor organizations.

Marston gave the two commercial high marks for civility. This is the second political season 10News has asked Marston to evaluate local political ads, along with longtime 10News political analyst John Beatty and political scientist Carl Luna.

The Civility Project evaluates the commercials for truth, relevance and fairness. The ads receive a letter grade, a report card on the civility of the advertisement.

How these ads measured up:

How the scoring is done:

Luna thought the ads relied heaving on emotional appeal over factual content. The comforting images and music are used to make the point that Alvarez is the best choice for mayor.

Beatty agreed some of the claims laid out in the ads aren't substantiated in the commercials. But as Marston said, this is hard to do in a 30-second spot. He does believe the ads did work for what they probably were intended for -- to put Alvarez's name before the entire community.

"He has been in office for only three years; he is high-profile in his district, but not so much city wide," said Marston.

Advertisements with a emotional tug are one way of accomplishing this.

Candidate Kevin Faulconer is about to join the television battleground. His commercials are supposed to be launching this coming weekend.

More information on the Civility Project:

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