New San Diego Central Library giving donors chance to make a statement in bricks

New library in East Village slated to open in July

SAN DIEGO - As workers install steel and concrete during the construction of the new San Diego Central Library in the East Village, donors are getting the chance to install something as well.

"I think what was surprising to us is the number of people who have gotten involved," said San Diego Public Library Foundation CEO Jay Hill.

The library still needs to raise $15 million, so they are selling bricks to help pay for the project.

So far, more than 2,200 bricks have been purchased. Bricks start at $150 and go up to $1,000, with the difference in price depending on the location.

For $1,000, a brick will be placed in the main lobby, while $500 puts a brick along the trellis walk entrance to the library. For $150, the brick will be placed in the garden courtyard.

"It's been so fun and so exciting to have people get involved, things that we never would have thought of," said Hill.

Instead of having the donor's name on a brick, some people are getting creative.

For example, one man is putting "Will you marry me?" on a brick. One woman is having five bricks engraved with the names of her cats.

Can donors write anything?

"You know, we are a library; we're open to everything," said Hill with a smile.

Of course, that's anything within reason.

Bricks aren't the only naming opportunities they're selling. Anyone can buy a study room or computer workstation inside. Out front, they're selling naming rights to tables and chairs. Even a seat inside the new auditorium is for sale.

"We thought that was important to inspire other people to get involved," explained Hill.

At Petco Park, there are bricks similar to the ones that will greet library visitors.

With thousands of bricks still available, you don't have to be a millionaire to etch your mark in stone -- or in this case brick.

"A lot of fundraising campaigns really focus on large major gifts and we really wanted something that everyone could be a part of," said Hill.

10News learned $500,000 from brick sales has already been raised.

Donors have until May 15 to buy a brick for it to be installed in time for the library's grand opening in July.

To find out how you can buy a brick, click here.


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